How you can be successful by selling on ebay

Back in 2015, I opened up an Ebay account. I found a phone on the ground downtown and no one claimed it after two weeks of keeping it charged and on. I later found out that the owner had put the phone on lock and that it was reported lost. At that point, I didn’t know what to do. I figured that I should attempt to sell it since it was a popular phone. I looked up the market prices on Ebay and thought “Why Not” ?

The phone was selling on Ebay for well over $300. However, the phone that I had was locked and blacklisted. So i decided to auction it off for parts only. A week later on auction, the phone sold for $164. That somehow sparked my fire. When that money hit my account I went on a selling spree. I ended up selling my Gamecube, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 64. I also sold all the games that came with them. My selling came to halt because I ran out of things to sell. In the end, I brought in some extra cash and a few good seller reviews. Fast forward to 2020, I decided to pump it up again.

Having good seller reviews on Ebay is a critical part of being a successful seller. People will buy from you if they trust that someone else has already had a good experience with you. The more good reviews that you have, the better.

I tried selling on Ebay again for the first time in five years.

I logged into my old account and decided to rekindle the fire. I saw that I only had 5 reviews and I knew that my credibility was going to be a problem. Despite this, I went sourcing for products. I went to Dollar tree, Goodwill, and Walmart. Eventually, I found something that I wanted to sell, Books. So I went online looking for the same titles I bought from Dollar tree so that I could save a stock photo of the book I wanted to sell. I posted it on Ebay and I got nothing. I barely got any views on my listing. So then, I decided to sell cleaning products and Medicine from Dollar Tree. Everything there is $1, So I listed it on Ebay for a $4 profit or more. Eventually, I made my first sale and one came after the other.

Just two weeks later and I am sitting at $487.16

  1. Open up an Ebay account
  2. Find a winning product
  3. List it on Ebay for a profit
  4. Wait for someone to buy from you

Before I made a sell, I thought to myself no one would buy from me. I had to learn to put my anxiety and emotions to the side. Ebay keeps everything anonymous and no one cares about buying from you, they just want the product.

I learned that selling successfully comes from Ebay’s algorithm. If your listing has good pricing, keywords and photos, it will sell. You can also check the sold section on Ebay for a product similar to yours. If you see a trend of sells in the last 90 days, your product will surely sell too.

Here is another tip, I try not to buy products from Dollar Tree until it has sold on my account first. This way I can keep on-hand inventory low. You just have to make sure that the product will be in stock when it does sell. This method is easier to do with Walmart since they keep live updates of their inventory online. This is not a form of drop-shipping since you will be buying the product and shipping it yourself. (Google the definition of drop-shipping). I consider my method to be cost-effective. Good Luck !

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